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Northern Alberta
Cage Bird Association

For all fanciers and bird lovers alike

30 Years of Birdkeeping Expertise

The Northern Alberta Cage Bird Association (formerly ‘Society’), is a non-profit organization that focuses on the cage bird breeding hobby and the education and preservation efforts that surround it. The club was revamped in 1993, consisting of just seven members.


Now with over 50 members, we’ve continued to grow and improve. We meet regularly to discuss husbandry, nutrition, genetics, and more. We are especially happy to welcome youth, as we hope that one day they will be able to keep this educational hobby alive for years to come.

Our Goals

Promote Learning & Sharing Knowledge

We encourage learning and studying the care of birds, the breeding of healthy animals, and facilitate the exchange of information, new and old, between members.


Educate Others

We want to educate both members and the general public alike in maintaining a healthy, happy environment for caged birds, to ensure proper care and address common concerns.


Research & Archive

We strive to collect scientific data, using reliable sources, and maintaining pedigree registration through national affiliations.

NACBA volunteers 2023

Be Involved

We encourage the general public to participate in the activities of the Association through meetings, exhibitions and shows.


Preserve The Hobby

We want to both encourage and protect the ethical efforts of fanciers, breeders, and exhibitors.


Protect Biodiversity

We seek to actively assist, where possible, in the preservation of rare and endangered avian species.

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